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Alicia's Thoughts March 2023
I had to wait until the energies of March had passed before I could sit down and write my thoughts about March. As someone who only knows a little bit about astrology, I knew something big was coming up when...
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Alicia's Thoughts February 2023
I’m in the middle of ‘having a moment’. I have become conscious of these quicker than I have even been able to before. Sometimes its hard to see what you’re in when you’re in it. Before I was even conscious of these events, I thought I was depressed for months or years on end. Glennon Doyle calls it the messy middle. We have a tendency to go dormant when we’re struggling. We want to get through the hard stuff on our own and show up eventually with our ‘ta-da’ moment. Here I am, all ‘better’ after whatever it is we’ve wrestled with. So, this is me in the middle of a ‘bad*’ week/month.
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Alicia's Thoughts January 2023
I’m not ready to wish away 2022 or welcome in 2023 just yet. I’m still in the middle space. 2022 was the first actual, conscious year of my life. A life of my own design for the first time in 43 years.
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