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✨ I started a 'Women's Circle' - February 2024 ✨
I hosted a women’s circle on the weekend. It wasn’t my first, but it was my first in a long time. I went to a psychic when I was 19 years old. Not my first psychic. I had got ‘into’ them by 15 years old thanks in part to my early questioning and curiosity around all things spiritual/psychic/astrological and in part, due to my godmother always talking to me about her going to see psychics every 18 months or so. 
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Alicia's Thoughts March 2023
I had to wait until the energies of March had passed before I could sit down and write my thoughts about March. As someone who only knows a little bit about astrology, I knew something big was coming up when...
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Alicia's Thoughts February 2023
I’m in the middle of ‘having a moment’. I have become conscious of these quicker than I have even been able to before. Sometimes its hard to see what you’re in when you’re in it. Before I was even conscious of these events, I thought I was depressed for months or years on end. Glennon Doyle calls it the messy middle. We have a tendency to go dormant when we’re struggling. We want to get through the hard stuff on our own and show up eventually with our ‘ta-da’ moment. Here I am, all ‘better’ after whatever it is we’ve wrestled with. So, this is me in the middle of a ‘bad*’ week/month.
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