About Us

KOKORO [koh - koh - roh] • Japanese
(n.) refers to the beat of the heart, considered to be the essential organ of life and the source of all activities.
KOKORO refers to all human activities affecting the outside world through intention, emotion and intellect.
KOKORO has three basic meanings:
The heart and its functions; the mind and its functions; and our centre, or essence.
The heart of KOKORO LIVING is to offer modern-day solutions for mindful and connected living.
With a goal to promote overall wellness through traditional practices and mindful habits, KOKORO LIVING combines quality, simple, unique and stylish products which offer our customers a pathway toward body, mind and spirit connection.
Our aim is to inspire mindful action in day-to-day life and promote a simple, conscious lifestyle to help create an environment of self-love and self-care for one and all.
We support a 'less is more' approach for unnecessary packaging. We are committed to doing our part to care for this precious earth. We will introduce optional gift boxes in the future, but for now there is no excess packaging and all items will be shipped out in compostable mailer bags, which you can throw into your compost heap when finished.
We are proud to source our products from all over the world. Our Palo Santo comes from Peru, our Sage comes from Turkey and we're currently in talks with suppliers in Australia, Morocco, Vietnam and China for future products.