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About Smudging

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Sage has a unique and complex aroma that is difficult to describe in words, but I'll do my best! It has a fresh, herbaceous scent with a slightly sweet and earthy undertone. It is a warm and inviting fragrance that can be both calming and energizing, depending on the context. The scent of sage is often associated with autumn, cozy fires, and comforting foods, making it a popular choice for candles and home fragrances. Overall, the aroma of sage is sophisticated, natural, and timeless, with a touch of feminine elegance.

It can but we've had much more success keeping the mozzies away with Palo Santo. For whatever reason, they seem to disappear when it comes out. Palo Santo is hard to keep lit though so it's a constant battle...

STEP 1. Hold the smudge stick as far from the end you are going to burn as possible while ensuring you’re holding it securely.  

STEP 2. Light your candle, match or lighter and hold the smudge stick at a 45-degree angle over the flame. Let the smudge stick burn with flame for about 20 seconds before gently blowing out the flame so that you’re left with orange embers on the lit end.  

NOTE: A White Sage Smudge Stick will remain lit for a long time and will not need to be relit during the smudging process. Palo Santo sticks will extinguish itself every 30 seconds (approximately) and will need to be relit repeatedly throughout the smudging process. 

Begin the smudging process by cleansing yourself. Taking care to keep a safe distance from other people and objects, move your smudge stick through the air around yourself, and visualise any negative energy leaving your aura.

Smudging with sage and palo santo are both ancient spiritual practices that involve burning natural herbs to cleanse a space or person's energy. However, there are some differences between the two.

Sage is known for its powerful cleansing properties and is often used to clear negative energy from a space or person. It has a fresh, earthy scent that is believed to have a grounding effect, helping to calm and soothe the mind and body.

On the other hand, palo santo is said to have a more uplifting and energizing effect. It has a sweet, woody fragrance and is often used to bring positivity and good fortune into a space or person's life.

While both sage and palo santo are used for spiritual cleansing, they have different properties and can be used for different purposes. It's up to personal preference which one to use, or you can use both together to create a more well-rounded spiritual cleansing experience.

For ages and ages! Even if you smudge every week, each sage stick should last a few months.