Why Buy From Us

We have carefully selected each supplier personally to ensure that the products are sustainably grown and ethically sourced and that they pass through the hands of everyone with intention. This is our priority for you and for a better world! 
Our pieces of Sage are hand picked, dried and tightly rolled and tied with organic cotton by a local farmer in the mountains of Turkey. 
Our Sage Sticks are tightly packed using hand picked long stems of Sage, allowing them a nice, slow burn that can be easily put out and used again and again. 
All of our Sage and Palo Santo sticks are hand picked from small family owned organic farms, without the use of artificial sprays or fertilizers. A necessity we believe for such sacred items. 
We are a mother and father duo located in Brisbane who have a vision to help to bring healing modalities and wellness into the every-day world. We’re always available personally if you have a question or want to have a chat! Send us an email hello@kokoro.com.au, fill out the contact form below or reach us on Instagram :) 
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We’re still in our infancy but every single customer has left us such a lovely review for us and we appreciate it so much. Everyone has told us how wonderful their purchases were and expressed how lovely the free e-book was. 
Thanks for being here with us. 
With love, 
Alicia xx