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🌱 Organic. Only the purest cleansing energies.

💕 Intentional. All Sage and Palo Santo is hand picked and ethically sourced by small local farmers. For the purest of energies.

🔥 Long lasting. No worries that it's going to run out on you. Each Smudge Stick should last months.

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Organic White Sage

About Smudging.

Smudging is an ancient ritual that originated from a long line of Native American ceremonies. It has spread to all places across the world as a sacred practice to help shift unwanted energies.

There’s a lot more to be said about the ancient tradition of smudging, as well about setting correct intentions and honouring the tradition. If you’re new to smudging it’s great to understand the origins of the smudging and the story behind it. 

Why Is Sage Used For Energy Cleansing?

Sage is a sacred plant medicine that has the energy of fire (flame), earth (plant) and air (smoke). The plant is able to deposit its energy into the space and remove any stagnation.

White sage has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans for cleansing, purification, warding off evil spirits, and clearing negative energies.

Our Organic White Sage

Made using 100% natural, pesticide-free White Sage.

Each bundle is handcrafted with love, and made with only the most premium quality, naturally grown, ethically harvested White Sage. 

It offers great wisdom and clarity.


Our Premium Palo Santo

Made from premium organic wood that has been crafted and sustainably harvested.

After the tree has fallen, it lays in the ground for 4-10 years before it is harvested.

It offers a very grounded and clear energy.

Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack
Smudging Starter Pack

Smudging Starter Pack

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New to smudging? Want to cleanse your home or your office space? Finding yourself feeling a bit “off”? Shift unwanted and negative energies with a smudging ritual and welcome positive energy to take over. 

1x White Sage Stick 

1 x White Sage & Lavender Smudge Stick

2 x Palo Santo Sticks 

+ FREE Cleansing Guide

The perfect all round cleansing kit to purify your home or clear away negative energy. For those unsure which is their favourite stick or for those who just want a bit of everything.

Let's make a shift 🔮

Feel lighter, feel clearer and feel free with your new smudging kit.

Benefits of sage cleansing a home 🏡✨

Removes spirit energy.

Shifts damp energy.

Creates a welcoming energy.

Creates clarity.

Our Favourite Energy Cleansing Mantra When Cleansing Your Home 🏡

"I release all energies that do not serve me and I welcome in the energies of joy, love and light"