How To Smudge


Important notes:
• Before smudging, we recommend cleaning your house to
create a physically clean and fresh environment.
• It is also important to open all doors and windows to allow
for airflow and to provide a way for the negative energy to
be released from the space. If smudging a person, it’s best to
stand outside, in a quiet, calm and safe environment to allow
the smoke carrying the negative energy to dissipate naturally.
• Be sure to keep hot objects including smudge sticks and
candles away from children, pets and flammable materials
such as curtains, carpets, papers and fabrics. Also, watch
out for smoke alarms!
• Always have a fire-proof and heat-proof container
containing water or clean sand close at hand for the
immediate extinguishing of the smudge stick and/or
lighting flame in case of an emergency. If using sand, it is
very important that the sand does not contain flammable
items such as bits of dried leaves or twigs. Clean beach
sand is ideal. Place your smudging equipment on a table, desk, or any
other appropriate surface. Do not place on carpet, couches
or beds.
• It is best to perform smudging at a time when you will not
be disturbed.
• Allow yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to complete the
smudging of a small home. It’s best not to rush the process,
so allow for longer in larger homes.
• If possible, create a sense of ritual and ceremony when you
smudge your space.

Equipment needed

1 Your choice of smudge stick – we recommend using White
Sage or Palo Santo.
2 A fire-proof and heat-proof container containing clean
sand or water (a ceramic or oven-proof dish is ideal).
3 A lighting flame such as a candle, lighter or matches.
We recommend a candle, as it stays alight for a long time,
allowing you to focus on holding the smudge stick rather
than worrying about burning your fingers.


Hold the smudge stick as far from the end you are going to
burn as possible while ensuring you’re holding it securely.

Light your candle, match or lighter and hold the smudge stick
at a 45-degree angle over the flame. Let the smudge stick burn
with flame for about 20 seconds before gently blowing out the
flame so that you’re left with orange embers on the lit end.

NOTE: A White Sage Smudge Stick will remain lit for a long time
and will not need to be relit during the smudging process.
Palo Santo sticks will extinguish itself every 30 seconds
(approximately) and will need to be relit repeatedly
throughout the smudging process.

Begin the smudging process by cleansing yourself. Taking
care to keep a safe distance from other people and objects,
move your smudge stick through the air around yourself, and
visualise any negative energy leaving your aura. Remember to
smudge around your feet, behind your back and over your head
as well as down your arms and legs. Some people prefer to
start from the feet and work upwards to the head. Stay present
with your breath and move slowly and consciously. You may
wish to spend a little extra time over any area that is holding
physical pain or discomfort.                                                                           

Once you have smudged your body, begin to move through
the space you wish to cleanse. Gently waft the smoke into all
corners of the room, across doorways and into shadow spaces
such as beneath furniture and behind objects. Remember to
smudge the bathroom and toilet, including behind the toilet
bowl! To maintain the atmosphere of ritual, keep repeating the
prayer, incantation or affirmation you’ve chosen, adjusting the
words accordingly. 

NOTE: While moving around the room, be mindful of any ash
that may drop from the smudge stick. This is particularly
important when using a smudge stick made from sage.
The ash can contain embers which can cause fires. It can
be helpful to carry your fire-proof container with you as
you walk around for the ash to drop into.


Once you feel the space is sufficiently cleared, allow the smudge
stick to either burn out (if using Palo Santo) or gently press it
into your container of sand or water until fully extinguished.
It’s best to leave it in the container for a while afterwards until
you’re confident the flame has been permanently extinguished,
as sometimes the heat from a sage smudge stick can remain
within the inner leaves, causing it to relight unexpectedly.
After some time, close your doors and windows again. You may
wish to mist a natural essential oil spray around the space to
add additional scent and healing energy.
If you feel inclined, it’s often beneficial to follow the smudge
with a creative process, such as journaling or meditating.

Enjoy the new, clear energy you have created!