Palo Santo room spray clearing mist smudging
Premium Palo Santo Room Clearing Mist
Premium Palo Santo Room Clearing Mist

Premium Palo Santo Room Clearing Mist

Considered one of the most sacred and mystical trees on earth, Palo Santo has been traditionally used for thousands of years by South American shamans and medicine-people for holy, ritualistic energetic cleansing, purifying and spiritual invocation.

Providing ancient benefits in modern times our Palo Santo Mist Room Spray is used differently to standard incense. Firstly, you don't have to light it. Simply spray around the room where you are whether it is before meditation, after a busy day at work or just because. Secondly, you can take it anywhere and bring positive, calming energies into any space you visit.

Made from organic, wild-grown, ethically harvested timber, the oil our Palo Santo Mist Room Spray may help mitigate some of the issues caused our fast-paced, busy and high-stress lifestyles.

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Each Palo Santo Room Clearing Mist contains all natural and organic ingredients. Can be used as a room spray but also as a light body mist. Simply spray high in to the air, close your eyes and walk through the mist to envelope yourself with the magical properties of Palo Santo. Other natural ingredients include lavender, sweet orange oil and white grapefruit. For detailed information on these properties, click below.

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Open the space - open up any windows or doors to allow the energy to have a pathway to flow out of the space. 

Set an intention - intentions are central to the practice of smudging, so take a moment before you light the Sage or Palo Santo to determine what exactly it is that you're trying to purify or release from your space. Some also like to have a mantra or a prayer that they repeat while smudging that encapsulates this intention.

Light it up - once you feel that you are ready, light either the Palo Santo or the Sage with a match or a candle and with your hands, start to spread the smoke around the space or yourself. 

Put out the flame - once you have finished smoking the space, you can either extinguish the flame into sand or a heatproof bowl or you can let the flame burn out. 

Don’t worry though, every order comes with our free smudging guidebook! 

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